A White Guy Confronting Racism: An Invitation to Reflect and Act

"We need more White people modeling vulnerability. We need more White people telling other White people to get with the program. We need more White people who are antiracists." p. 31

"If there's one takeaway I want you to get from this book, it's that antiracism work is about recognizing the humanity in every single person." p. 129

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"From the first page to the final vignette of A White Guy Confronting Racism, Jared Karol disrupts the status quo of whiteness by unapologetically recognizing Black humanity.”

– from the Foreword by Madison Butler

About A White Guy Confronting Racism

At the age of twenty, Jared Karol finally told his best friend his father was gay. Her response? “Big fucking deal!” And the journey began. Years of interrogating why he had been ashamed of having a gay dad led to a lifelong interrogation of the mother of all -isms: racism. 

In A White Guy Confronting Racism, Jared invites us to join him on his always-unfolding evolution of consciousness—sharing stories of shedding, dismantling, and unlearning much of what he was taught (or not taught) about race and racism growing up. Told through beautifully written longer narrative pieces and compelling shorter vignettes, what emerges from these stories is the inescapable realization that the racial reckoning he has undertaken is the racial reckoning we all must undertake if we have any hope of ending racism.  

A White Guy Confronting Racism is a clear call to action for White people who are newly awakened to the racial injustices that Black people and other people of color have been facing for hundreds of years. But this is not a “how to” book. Rather than tell us what to do, Jared invites and challenges us to do the deep, vulnerable, self-reflective work of figuring who we want to be in the racial justice struggletrusting that “what to do” will emerge from there. 

Part confessional and part manifesto, A White Guy Confronting Racism at its core declares an unwavering commitment to seeing the humanity in all people. Because, as Tarana Burke says, "I don’t believe your antiracist work is complete or valid or useful if you haven’t engaged with Black humanity.” So, are you engaging with Black humanity?

About the Author

JARED KAROL is the founder of JaredKarol.com, a consulting firm specializing in guiding White people to confront racism and be unapologetic antiracists. As a trusted advisor, he guides executives, people managers, and dedicated change agents at Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofits. A sought-after professional speaker, panel moderator, leadership coach, and facilitator of difficult conversations, Jared’s storytelling approach inspires and influences individuals and groups worldwide. An avid reader, accomplished musician, and active meditator, he lives with his family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here's what industry leaders and everyday White folks are saying about A White Guy Confronting Racism


“One of the few books written by a straight cisgender White man on this topic, Jared’s candid examination of his own awakening, outrage, and accountability to himself and others hold many helpful insights for all of us—in our attempts to do more, and to step into the ownership of a more equitable, shared future.”

Jennifer Brown, CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting; Author, Inclusion (2017) and How to be an Inclusive Leader (2019); Podcast Host, The Will to Change


“I hope this book enlightens you, excites you, invites you to show up more empathetically and with greater understanding for multiple sets of rules at play in our current infrastructures. I hope this book propels you to take a stance, to connect more deeply to yourself and to build a global community more saliently than ever before. Jared’s words did that for me.”

Executive Coach, Epigenetics and Neurobiology, Founder of iBelong


This book shares hard truths about racism that White people need to hear, without depending on dogma or dipping into self-righteousness. Knowing that White people often hear the message more clearly from another White person, Jared has stepped up to deliver it.”

VP of People + Impact at GRAV, Founder of Blue Haired Unicorn


“As an upper middle class, White male, I worried about saying the wrong thing and inadvertently offending people. I preferred to listen and attempt to understand. That felt safer than actually doing something. Jared has helped me to realize that being antiracist takes courage and action.

Technology Sales Executive


“Jared Karol isn't just another white guy who needs to see his name on the cover of a book. He's a committed, extremely open-minded White guy who cares deeply about people and the future of humanity. The White guy narrative was easy for this White guy to identify with.”

Strategic Marketing and Communications Leader
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Photo Credit: Gani Piñero

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